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Adoption Placement

Adoption and Foster Care Preparation and Support
101 Friendship Steet
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Picture of childThe goal of DCYF’s Special Needs Adoption Program is to provide permanent families for children who have become freed for adoption within the state’s substitute child care system.

The children who are waiting for permanent families are children who have experienced significant losses and trauma in their lives. As a result, they may be difficult to parent. Some of the children may have handicapping conditions; some may be adolescents. They may have lived in many different places, but never "felt at home". They may express their feelings of hurt and anger in ways that make life difficult for those close to them.

The Adoption and Foster Care Preparation and Support Unit recruits, trains and assesses families who are interested in providing a home for one of these children. The goal of the Family Assessment and Training Experience is to provide prospective adoptive families with both information and an experience which will give them and the Department a basis on which to decide whether or not special needs adoption is the best way for them to expand their family.

Adoption Subsidy Questions should be directed to Lee Sperduti at (401) 528-3484.

DCYF contracts with AdoptionRI to provide recruitment of families and assist with the matching of waiting children. They are an Adoption Exchange.  For more information, visit  their website:
Link to Adoption Rhode Island

Have more questions?  See the Frequently Asked Questions on Adoption or Child Placing Agencies.

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