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Child Welfare
Child Abuse Hotline Number
1 (800) RI-CHILD
1 (800) 742-4453

Child Welfare Services Program Description

Ensure that each child and youth is protected from harm through the timely investigation of reports of child abuse and neglect. Maintain children and youth safely at home whenever possible through formal and informal supports and services, utilizing family and community partnerships, in order to mitigate risk and threats against safety. Safeguard the well-being of each child in a stable, permanent home in partnership with family, community and networks of care. Through these formal and informal resources, make certain that older youth are afforded optimal opportunities for successful transitions to adulthood.

Child Welfare Services Program Description

The Child Welfare Program is comprised of several sub-divisions working in partnership with each other, family and community, and other divisions of the Department to ensure safety, permanency and well-being for each child.

Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations received, screens and responds to reports of suspected child maltreatment. Investigations which result in the Department seeking legal status are assigned a Family Service Worker who works with the family toward a permanency goal in partnership with the family and community in our networks of care. Child Protective Services also refers families whose children are at risk for maltreatment or who suffer from serious emotional or developmental needs to family and community supports such as the Family and Community Care Partnership (FCCP) in order to divert them from further DCYF involvement.

The DCYF records Center receives, tracks and logs all hard copy and electronic DCYF records and conducts DCYF clearances relative to individuals seeking to foster, adopt or work with children in a caretaking role.

Family Services consists of four regions. Those regions represent Providence, Northern Rhode Island, East bay and West Bay/South County. The Family Service Unit works primarily with families who have involvement with the RI Family Court. The primary responsibility of Family Service Unit workers is to ensure the safety, permanency and well-being of all children in their caseloads, whether at home or in out of home placement. Family Service Unit workers, in conjunction with families, formal and informal community supports and networks of care, formulate permanency goals and support families in achieving those goals or determining alternative goals.

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