About the Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC)

Chartered in 2015, the DCYF Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) is made up of members at all levels of the agency and community partners to provide advisory and guidance as it strives to be a model employer and leader within state government by leveraging diversity and fostering inclusion to deliver the best public service to the state’s children, youth, families, and care provider community.

In close partnership with the DCYF Director and the state’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Opportunity (ODEO), the DAC focuses on two main areas of work:

  • Diversity and inclusion, particularly as it relates to recruitment, hiring and promotion of staff; and
  • Cultural competence, including supporting the education, awareness and innovation needed to provide great service to our families.

The DAC is open to all members of our staff and, by invitation, to community partners. The committee meets monthly and holds subcommittee meetings as needed.

Anyone interested in joining the committee should reach out to a member of the DAC leadership.

DAC Leadership Team
Name Email Phone
Kilah Walters-Clinton 401-528-3528
Adam Williams 401-528-3802
Natasha House 401-528-3843
Kevin McKenna 401-528-3543