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Laura Kiesler, Acting Licensing Administrator

The Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF) Licensing Unit, per Rhode Island General Law 42-72.1-3, ensures that facilities where children are cared for meet state requirements; respond to concerns about a particular facility; and accept application requests for foster care and child care.

Foster Care
Foster parents are licensed by the Department of Children, Youth and Families to care for children who must temporarily leave their parents' homes. In order provide quality care to children placed outside their homes, DCYF has developed specific procedures for processing foster home applications in an effort in insure that each foster home meets minimum standards of health, safety and care.

For additional information about Foster Care Licensing, call 401-528-3606

Licensed foster parents with questions or complaints can contact the Foster Care Liaison at 401-528-3623

Residential Facilities

For information on licensing group homes, emergency shelters and long-term, residential care facilities for children and youth, call 401-528-3623

Information on unsafe child product's can be found on the RI Department of Health's website.

Search for a child care provider.

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