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(Rhode Island Children’s Information System)

SACWIS at a Glance

The following describes the general characteristics of the Statewide Automated Child Welfare System (SACWIS).

Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics for 1995 to 1999

System Name: Rhode Island Children’s Information System (RICHIST)

Project Director: David Allenson

E-mail Address: david.allenson@dcyf.ri.gov

Mailing Address:  101 Friendship Street  -   Providence, RI 02903
Work: (401) 528-3858
 FAX: (401) 528-3460

Current Status: Operational since August 5, 1997

Number of Users: 800

Rhode Island is a State Administered system. RICHIST is the state central registry for child abuse/neglect complaints.

RICHIST was a transfer system from Connecticut with extensive modifications to reflect Rhode Island policies and procedures.

Business Functionality Supported by Application:

  • Foster Care
  • Adoption
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Child Protective Services
  • Independent Living
  • Interstate Compact
  • Family Preservation and Support
  • Child and Family Services
  • Provider Services


State Accounting System - this interface provides the State Accounting System with vendor payroll information. A return file contains payment information including check number and date paid.

InRHODES - this interfaces provides Title IV-E and Title XIX data between systems.

Family Court - this interface provides workers will an automated e-mail message identifying upcoming court dates.

MMIS - this interface processes Medicaid payments for eligible children/services.

Description of architecture and hardware:

RICHIST is a client-server system utilizing a Powerbuilder front-end and a Sybase database. Network file servers are Compaq. Client workstations at implementation were 75Mhz Pentium w/ 32MB RAM. Newer workstations are 400+Mhz Pentium w/ 64MB RAM.

Description of software products used for the operating system software and development application, the WAN and LAN network and the desktop:

The network software is Novell. The network is run over Ethernet in the local area offices connected by Frame Relay over a wide area network. Office automation uses Windows 95/98, Microsoft Office 95 and Groupwise e-mail. Reports are written in Brio SQR and Powersoft Infomaker. MicroFocus COBOL is used for batch processes. Help Desk software is Support Magic.

Contractor Information:

Planning and Analysis Contractor: MAXIMUS, Inc.

Design/Implementation Contractor: American Management Systems, Inc.

Maintenance Contractor: Network Six, Inc.


Total Contractor Costs: $6,008,039

Total Hardware Costs: $2,142,242

Total State Personnel Costs: $2,510,822

Other: Site Prep, Training: $1,936,480

Total Costs through Implementation: $12,597,583

Annual MIS budget: $4.5 - $5 million

Rhode Island Coat of Arms A Rhode Island

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